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Machine Learning and Visual Recognition

Our agrobot is equipped with 5 cameras and 6 sonar sensors. All the data from these cameras and sensors are directly fed into a Raspberry Pi.

With real-time object recognition, machine learning and path planning our bot can successfully navigate an unknown terrain with level 4 autonomy.

Collecting data from the field using 9 different sensors

Onbord the ProGrow agrobot are a plethera of different sensors for collecting data about the sourrounding environment. They include soil moisture sensor, soil pH sensor, nitrogen concentration sensor, barometric pressure sensor, air humidity sensor, temperature sensor, luminous intensity sensor and a water level indicator.

After precise analysis, the data are presented to the farmers in forms of tables and graphs. Farmers can know the true condition of their field from this data.

Precise Irrigation

Onboard the ProGrow Autonomous Agrobot there are 2 high power pumps that can pump water from the on board tank at a pressure of 0.48 Mega Pascal and with a maximum flow rate of 3.5L per minute.

And with the help of an articulating robotic arm, precise irrigation is possible. As a result, water waste can be kept to a minimum. This also decreases the possibility of weeds growing by the side of crops.

Hot-swappable Modules

The machine comes with a hot-swappable ploughing module which can easily be replaced with seed sowing, fertilizer applying, and harvesting module.

The ploughing module can extend or retract automatically when necessary. Our bot can plough and prepare lands for crops like potato, capsicum, sugar beet, wheat etc.

Ux Design

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Using green energy!

Our agrobot is eqipped with a 100W 12V solar panel that charges the onboard 40Ah lead acid battery.

Although the runtime of our agrobot differs with the change in work loads, it boasts an average runtime of solid 6 hours of continious use in bright sunlight and 3 hours at night.

The back-end data analysis and controls

we have a very beautiful dashboard layout from where the user can control multiple ProGrow agrobots at the same time.

You can take a look at our prototype dash board by clicking the button below.

Dashboard Prototype

ProGrow, the intelligent and autonomous agrobot

Introducing autonomy in agriculture!

Agriculture is what our society was built on and it is also the mainstay of several economies around the world including Bangladesh. This particular field has seen various innovations over its long history. When it comes to agricultural technologies, from tilling to crop rotation to plough and usage of modern appliances in agriculture – it has seen a lot. With the advent of agricultural technology and IoT, farmers are now able to increase their yield per acre.

ProGrow is a smart agricultural robot designed for performing mechanical tasks like automated land ploughing, seed sowing, etc. The machine comes with a hot-swappable ploughing module which can easily be replaced with seed sowing, fertilizer applying, and harvesting module. This solar-powered bot can collect precise field data directly from the field and perform real-time data analysis. The collected data can easily be used for personalized suggestions powered by AI or expert personnel. It is an all in one solution for precision agriculture.

We have finally achieved such a modern innovation which can change the way people look at agriculture in our country. We will see huge rise in the production if the technology is utilized properly. This technology doesn’t replace the farmers. Rather it works alongside farmers to increase their efficiency so that they can use their natural skills in agriculture

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